Company Launch

Nathan and Kendra Davis had a successful truss company, co-owned at the time with Elmer and Doris Dueck, however in 2009 the economic slowdown meant potentially laying off loyal employees. Instead, using Elmer’s years of experience as a well-known post frame builder, they worked together to launch Enframe Construction.

In 2012 Nathan and Kendra Davis became the sole owners of Enframe Construction. The commitment to excellent construction standards, based on a combination of knowledge and experience, remains the same. As we go forward and continue to grow we remain committed to matching our experience with innovation and providing our customers with exceptional service.



We Take Pride in Our Work

It’s an important part of our approach – we work with the customer from start to finish. We will design the building to your needs, walking the customer through it to make sure it is exactly as you had envisioned. We provide a blueprint for the customer to examine and help, if necessary, with selecting metal colours and finishing options. Customization is a key part of our approach, every building is customized according to the customers wishes.

We would never cut corners, and use exacting procedures in every step of the building process. Our buildings are always straight and true. Taking extensive care to have the posts straight from the start, not depending on the strapping to force them into place, allows for a superior finished product and neater finish.