Meet The Team


Most Enframe employees have been here for years. A company that takes pride in quality work makes its people feel good about what they do. It’s that simple.


Nathan and Kendra Davis


Nathan & Kendra Davis are lifetime residents of the Peace Country. Nathan’s construction experience includes residential framing and project management as well as work in the oil and gas industry. Nathan and Kendra are very active in the community and as this is a family business, they are involved and committed to providing lasting service to the Peace. They ensure that we not only find clients, but that we build strong relationships in this community.

Zach Hein

General Manager

Zach is also a lifetime resident of the Peace Country, with experience in both oil and gas industry as well as residential and commercial construction. Zach handles schedules, purchasing and general operations. He also assists in sales and customer relations. Striving to creatively meet the needs of each customer in many industries, Zach is committed to seeing that our customers are satisfied with all aspects of the building process, from deign to completion.

Phil Spenner

Construction Manager

Phil has been in construction in the Peace area for over 24 years. As Construction Manager Phil leads the Enframe Crews, planning the building schedule and overseeing the projects. His education as a journeyman carpenter along with his work experience and friendly demeanor make him easy to work with and a valuable resource.

Want to join the team?

There is always room for the right people at Enframe. We are a busy, dynamic company that believes in developing our employees to be the best.